Hollywood Sign

Hollywood SignJanelle Evans star of Teen Mom 2 is alleged to be hiding a drug habit or so it says in this article from Hollywoodlife.com.  The 20 year old has already been to Rehab and is on probation.  Why on earth is anybody buying into this and reporting on it as news.  I think a show about teen moms is worth doing if it done right and sends a clear message that being a teen mother is a very bad idea. However, add Hollywood to the mix and you have these young messed up people being glorified and reported on as if they were celebrities.  And lets not forget that there is an innocent child involved somewhere in the mix here.

Teenage drug use in on the rise and shows like this and the fame bestowed on this young kids doesn’t help.  I will not allow my teenage daughters to watch this show.  I also believe that reporting such as this is simply glorifying the lifestyle that got these kids into trouble in the first place.  If they are going to make a show about teenage motherhood then choose kids who are not drug addicts who really want to raise their kids and show my kids how unglamourous and tough it is.  Seeing these so called stars of the show plastered all over Hollywood news sites is simply feeding the beast.

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