Demi Moore 2010 NYC

Demi Moore 2010 NYCReports and rumors are flying about why Demi Moore was hospitalized this week. Some reports say she is addicted to Adderall and took an overdose of ‘laughing gas” from an aerosol can. This has not happend to Demi Moore because she is a Hollywood actress it has happened because she is an addict. Demi a recovering alcoholic clearly did not have emotional sobriety. She appears to have an eating disorder which is another addiction and was addicted to prescription medication. The death of her AA sponsor is also rumored to have triggered her meltdown. I doubt it very much many people in AA lose their sponsor, their child, their best friends, they go through divorce, loss of a job, loss of their home and they stay sober. How, because they work the spiritual program as if their lives depended on it and it it does. When you have true sobriety nothing will cause you to use, nothing,  relapse is not part of recovery no matter what excuse we come up up it is part of the disease. I also think it is most unfortunate that Demi Moore’s sponsor has been publicly named there is a reason why its called Alcoholics Anonymous and it is a breach of AA tradition to publicly identify yourself as a member of the program.

We wish Demi well and I pray she may find peace again the disease is called cunning, baffling and powerful because it is. But she can recover again and lead a happy healthy life. I wish her kids well as a daughter of an alcoholic its a very tough deal to go through.  You can read more about parental issues on our forum.

You can read a strong write up about Demi here.



dylanJanuary 27, 2012 at 10:26 am

Celebrity or not, it’s tough to see someone go through so much at once. The best of luck to her as she recovers!


dylanJanuary 27, 2012 at 10:26 am

Abby the material things mean nothing, the fame etc her plight is the same as any other addict. Best of luck to her in her recovery. She has been in AA so hopefully she has enough recovery to get back on her feet.


dylanJanuary 27, 2012 at 10:26 am

To those of us in AA, the story of Demi Moore is not that unusual; there are so many like her; they go to meetings, but never actually “work” the program….they don’t sponsor anyone because they find too many excuses; in Demi’s case, being famous is the perfect excuse not to get too involved in AA and to think she is unique in some way and ultimately not help others; over the years we have seen many AA “members” die from this disease because they just “couldn’t or wouldn’t” follow “suggestions” – God Bless Demi – she has a long road ahead of her…….


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