Recession Special at Gray's Papaya shop

Recession Special at Gray's Papaya shopThere are certain businesses, industries, and products that are recession proof.  Bread is a good example of this as people are just as likely to eat it when times are good as when time are bad.  Is the drug rehab industry recession proof?

People do not need rehab more or less  in times of economic prosperity than they do in recessionary periods.  One consideration they might make is spending less money on rehab, but when it comes down to it I can’t imagine the number of admissions decreases in times of economic instability.  Drug and alcohol rehab is far from a discretionary purchase.  It is a decision that is mulled over and examined for a period of time before it is finalized.  Many factors play into this decision such as what type of drug or alcohol rehab would be best for the person, or what state would be the best fit for this individual to receive the best possible treatment they can?  These decisions are not taken lightly and have a profound impact on what facility is ultimately chosen.  This shows that regardless of the economic climate, people are still in need of rehab services just as much as periods of economic stability, they may just examine all their options a bit more before deciding on a rehabilitation clinic for their loved one.

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