Heroin Harrison Act

Heroin Harrison ActTreating heroin addiction has come a long way since the days when there were few options. Many detox centers can help the patient with methadone treatment for the physical addiction and many can help the addict with learning how to cope once he or she is clean.

But many drug rehab treatment centers do not want clients to go from being addicted to one drug to getting hooked on another. And because of that , long term drug rehab is the only viable solution. That is because once the general detox is over, coping skills, behavioral skills and everyday living skills must be taught. These things are not learned over night. Instead they must be taught over some time. Even a year in treatment seems too short when you consider the hold that heroin has on its victims.

For those addicts that spend a year in treatment, they tend to do much better than those that only spend a few months in treatment. And for those that go into a transition program after their treatment, they do even better.



JaniceDecember 25, 2011 at 11:27 am

I cannot believe the amount of places offering short term programs for heroin addiction. Surely its all about making lifestyle changes after the addiction has been eliminated. This is almost impossible to do without the support and help that a long term facility gives. No wonder so many people resume their addiction on leaving these short term facilities.


JaniceDecember 25, 2011 at 11:27 am

I Am that herion,addict i was useing 200.00@day sence i was 13years old , im 47yearsold now! i’ve just completed a (6)month rehab Here in Oklahoma , and now im in a soberliving house at this time.
Longterm rehab saved my life.
but now that i’ve been clean and sober, for over a year now, trying to get ,have a life away from using, no one will hire me becuase of my felonys! The problems only get worse for the recovering addict, No jobe ,no place to live,AND I’ve completed A 4Year college!
There needs to be programs to help get addicts when thay get out , Im not talking about a handout,just ajob


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