There is nothing like seeing a friend or a loved one come home from drug rehab.  The difference is often night and day relative to when they entered, especially considering all the physical and mental damage this person was causing to themselves and those around them.

It is important to make sure this person has a very strong support system in place to make sure they don’t relapse.  A support system will increase the likelihood the lessons learned in recovery stick and provide this person with somebody to talk with or seek advice from should they have the urge to relapse.

There are few things worse than seeing a person who was formerly recovered from addiction relapse and become the same person they were before they entered their drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.  It’s almost as if all the time and energy that was spent getting this person help were all for nothing and they are back at square one.  This is why it is imperative that a strong support system be in place well before the individual you care about is released from their drug and alcohol rehab, as it greatly decreases the likelihood that the individual you care about will be tempted to go back to the lifestyle that caused them so much damage in the first place.

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