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While children are a reason for women to seek help from an addiction treatment center, they often do not stay sober and will continue to relapse.  Women find that they must recover for themselves in order to keep their sobriety.  Replacing their habits of drug, alcohol, or another substance abuse addiction with work, college, more exercise, or some service in their community actually helps them out more.

As the largest expanding group in the United States among people with substance abuse problems, women make up for about a quarter of the users in this country.  Unfortunately, there is also a lack of research about what women do to recover from their addictions.  Because of their role as women, women typically face much different challenges in trying to recover than men while with an organization that specializes in treatment for drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

The studies now done by scientists and doctors are done to dispel any myth that women usually use their children as a motivation to quit.  While this is a valid reason, it is the primary reason many people assume it is.

Furthermore, there was no sudden epiphany for women when they realized they needed help.  For the most part, the realization was a long and drawn out development.  Other myths about addiction recovery concern how women consider success turning from someone who is an addict into someone who is no longer an addict.  The actual change is viewed as women transforming into who they really were always meant to be.  Drugs were not a part of their identity or an internal trait.  They were an action outside of who they were as a person.

Part of what makes woman successful in her recovery is not necessarily the old standard, alcoholic AnonymouLady Gaga Bad Romances.  Though many women are successful with the program, their success can be taken from other ways of recovery.  Most women replace their addiction with another activity, an activity that they are adore and feel strongly about.

Many women addicts also show signs of abusive childhoods.  Such pasts usually detrimentally affected how they look at themselves, and so they made the mistake of using illegal substances  or using legal substances illegally to medicate their pain and suffering rather than going to a healthcare professional.  Poor self-esteem and other issues related to self are primarily issue women deal with while in residential drug treatment.  Male addicts generally do not deal with their addiction through talking about poor self-esteem as a trigger for their substance abuse.


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