Yoga Tree Pose

Yoga Tree PoseYoga is the ancient exercise regime that has come back into fashion. It is now one of the most popular ways to work out. There are entire yoga studios and there are more cropping up every day. Yoga is not just about exercise, it’s also about calming the mind and getting in touch with the person that you are. That is why is has become a popular tool in addiction treatment.

Yoga is great because it is an all encompassing exercise. It is used to help with the mind, body and also the soul. People who are addicted often time also have other psychological disorders and yoga can be an effective part of dual diagnosis as well. Yoga addresses not just the shortcomings of the body, but also of the mind.

Addicts let the drug take over not only their body, but also their mind. That is where practicing yoga can come in. Since yoga teaches you to control both your body and your mind an addict can become more in tune with both their body and soul. They will learn how to control both through using yoga practices.

Yoga is an effective tool for addiction treatment because you can improve your mental abilities through its practice. Yoga makes a person control their mind, not letting it spin off into day dream mode. It’s all about focusing on your breathing and on yourself as a person.

Yoga is also a lot about respect as well. Yoga teaches you to not only respect yourself, but others around you.

Yoga is also practiced in a slow, methodical way in silence. This allows for the brain to easily quiet and for the focus to only be on the poses. With practice a person can easily get into the more difficult poses which allows for an addict to see success and learn determination.

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