A new study that was sponsored by NIDA, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, found that even unconscious images of drugs can trigger cravings in some individuals. This might turn out to be a groundbreaking discovery for drug rehab facility.

Patients that were addicted to drugs, such as cocaine, were shown an image of cocaine or the like for 33 milliseconds. This time is not long enough for the patients to be aware that they saw an image. And their Limbic systems became stimulated. This is the reward system that helps you to feel pleasure. The same people that had the most activity also had a strong response when they saw images that they were conscious of.

What does this mean for drug rehabilitation? It means that if they are aware that images that a person does not even know he or she sees triggers cravings, they can help prepare the addict better for life outside of treatment.

Drug abuse rehabilitation needs to be able to have the greatest amount of knowledge about addiction so they can help prepare their patients.

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