Parents and teachers are united in the hope that they can somehow prevent drug use in teens. As society as a whole becomes more stressful, younger and younger children are turning to alcohol and drugs as a way to relieve that stress. Exposure to alcohol at a young age is not proof of developing full blown addiction. However, there are factors to watch for in children that will indicate if they are more likely to be susceptible.

While studies debate whether there is a gene for addiction, there is definitely evidence to support that addiction seems to run in some families. Children with alcoholic parents or siblings with a history of drug use are considered at higher risk for developing a substance abuse problem.

Non-traditional family situations also create a higher risk. This is not because the family structure itself is dangerous, but because foster families, step-families, and families going through a divorce are much more likely to be sources of stress. Being aware of the stress and ensuring children have healthy ways to address it will keep parents from having to locate teen drug rehab centers Chicago.

Another indication of risk is being diagnosed with other problems. Children who are failing school, have behavioral problems or other mental health conditions are more likely to develop alcohol or drug problems.

It is always important to remember that none of these risk factors are indications of a problem. There is no absolute correlation between substance abuse and any of these situations. However, adults should be aware of the increased risk involved and take steps to help children successfully navigate them without turning to drugs.

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