It’s no secret that there’s a health care crisis in this country. Millions of people can’t afford health insurance and many who do complain of high premiums, copays, and too many exclusions preventing them from being able to afford adequate health care. Providers and insurance companies are quick to point out that it’s the rise in actual health care costs that is the result of higher prices. One of the reasons for these increasing costs is a rise in substance abuse in the general population.

Someone with a family member or close friend struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs may not make the connection between the actions of that person and the higher costs for their own health insurance. certainly the addict has little concern for how their behavior is impacting hundreds if not thousands of future patients. However, the link between substance abuse and medical treatment is undeniable – something to keep in mind when making reservations for drug rehab centers Los Angeles.

The Institute for Health Policy at Brandeis University found that substance abuse results in more illness, disability, and deaths than any other preventable health condition. There findings also stated that substance abuse was the number one health problem in America. up to 40% of all hospital patients are being treated for alcohol-related complications. Nearly 30% of all ICU patients are caused by substance abuse and up to 40% of ICU costs.

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