Rising numbers of women are checking into drug rehab centers. Illinois, New York, California, and other states with a high concentration of rehab facilities are aware of the fact that women are at a higher risk level than men when it comes to developing problems with alcohol. Studies have shown that 2.5 million women. or 2.3% of the population, can be classified as having an alcohol dependency.

The reason for the susceptibility is biological. Most women have smaller bodies than men do and also have a lower level of water in their bodies. This means that alcohol is less diluted once it enters the system and that, drinking the same amount will impair a woman more so than a man. Women are also more likely to develop organ damage from lower levels of consumption and much more quickly than a man would.

Current studies are indicating that adolescents react differently to alcohol than adults. This is due to the fact that their bodies and brains are still developing. Young girls are also more likely to have high levels of stress, which is a major indicator for future drug and alcohol use. As women age, alcoholism can affect the ability to reproduce as well as have a significant impact on pregnancy. Some studies suggest a link between alcohol use and breast cancer risk. By the time a women is a senior citizen, alcohol dependence can affect cardiovascular health, bone density, and lead to increased problems with memory, including the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

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