Drinking alcoholic beverages is a main social staple in most societies. Most people don’t think much about getting off work and heading to a bar for a few drinks with clients or friends to relax from the day. Most of the time it is rather harmless and fun. Sometimes, however, it becomes more than just a drink or two. Sometimes it is not just one day a week after a very hard day. Yes, because some times, it becomes the only way that one can relax so it happens everyday. This can lead to it happening all the time. Suddenly, one is drinking throughout the day by themselves on a Sunday. When a person can’t seem to be happy or calm without a drink, then maybe it is more than just a social activity. Maybe there is a dependence on alcohol to maintain life.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t usually stay maintained when drinking too much alcohol on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Peoples lives and bodies can actually fall apart over time. When someone is drinking alcohol too much they can have some real noticeable physical problems like confusion, violence, nausea, vomiting and morning shakes. If the behavior continues they can develop some not so noticeable body issues like liver failure and other serious diseases like cancers, heart damage, nerve damage and depression that can lead to suicide.

There are a couple of reasons that one may become addicted to alcohol. It is a type of drug that can create a mental and physical addition. There are a couple of stages to alcoholism. There is the dependence on it and then the abuse of it. The physical dependence has the drinker gaining more tolerance to alcohol so they have to drink more to get the desired effect. This rolls into alcohol related illnesses, memory lapses and withdrawals when someone is trying to stop. This physical dependence makes it very hard to stop because it is an unpleasant process.

There are many theories as to why some people become addicted. It could be in the family genes. It could also just become part of their identity over years of peer pressure to drink. Discovering that alcohol helps one to relax and check out from a stressful life can also be to good a thing to let go of. Ultimately, it may be better to find other ways to deal with the stress of life.


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