The city of Sacramento has numerous drug treatment facilities and programs to assist those with a self-acknowledged as well as court determined problem with drug or alcohol. Some of the treatment programs in the city are gender based and structured for either men or women. The Gateway Recovery Program is one example. It is a residential recovery program and half way house that serves women on both a short term and long term basis. Bridges Inc is an outpatient facility that treats various addictions. Many court convicted DUI and DWI offenders are ordered to this facility to compete a specific number of treatment hours. The Bi Valley Medical Clinic is a great resource for addicts in need of a medically supervised detoxification facility. In addition, the clinic treats people with co-occurring disorders, which are common with drug abuse and addiction.

Drug abuse, both in the medical prescription oriented base and illegal street drugs continues to be a major problem in cities across the country. Sacramento is the state’s capital and also the leader of many drug reform initiatives and perspectives. The state of California itself has remained a topic of national debate and sometimes controversy in its use of marijuana as a medically prescribed pain reliever and also the state’s considerations on legalizing the social use of the substance. Meanwhile, drug treatment centers in Sacramento continue to battle against what seems to be an unending struggle.

There are different theories that relate to the best way to treat addiction and the majority of treatment programs focus on the substance itself and the most effective ways of treating addiction to it. Of course the individual addict is addressed and a specific treatment plan will be constructed for them, though the drug of choice will definitely affect the development of the plan. The important thing is that you understand it is not a weakness to seek treatment and that it takes a stronger personality to address the issue than it does to remain a chronic abuser.

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