Husband and Wife Bears

Husband and Wife BearsDrug and alcohol addiction is a nasty thing, and because of the very nature of the problem it can be hard for people to admit that they are an addict. However, family members can usually tell, and when an addict is finally willing to accept help, the first place they need help is from the family around them. This is why it can be very important to include a spouse in a drug treatment plan. There are a number of places in California that have started insisting on things like Marriage and Family Therapists as part of the treatment plan. These can be in house sessions, in which case the husband or wife must drive in and visit, or they can be part of an treatment plan in which the addict still lives in their own house, in which case it may be harder to make them go, but can be just as effective if they are willing to get the help. Partially this is important because it allows the addict to understand the pain their actions have caused others. It can also help the spouse understand what made the other person become an addict, what things they are going to need to stay away from in the future, and how to best help their spouse. It gives husband, wife, and kids a better understanding of the techniques necessary to keep the addict from falling back into old habits. It can also demonstrate to the partner not being treated that they also need treatment, or that they simply need to also give up alcohol in order to help their spouse.

It is harder to find a place that will treat both a husband and a wife together for drug addiction. This is because it can be rather dangerous to treat both people and can be a conflict of interest for any therapist that tries to help both people. An addict’s spouse can be a part of the problem, and it can be hard to treat someone when they are so deeply connected to that problem every day. As a rule it is good to include a spouse as help to clean someone up, but it is not good to try to get treated together.

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