Arizona is a great place to go for drug treatment if you have no means to pay. There are approximately 86 drug treatment facilities throughout the state that offers a substance abuse program of free. There are 25 places in the city of Tucson, 25 in the city of Phoenix, 5 in city of Yuma, 11 in Mesa, 2 in Bisbee, 7 in Prescott, 8 in Scottsdale, and 3 in Wickenburg. Some facilities are brand new, others may have closed due to mismanagement, while others are well established and successful. A majority of these drug treatment facilities are what is called in the industry as ‘Halfway’ homes‘, or ‘Out Patient’ facilities. There are a few of these drug treatment facilities are located in hospitals or in a facility that specializes in ‘In-Patient’ recovery programs for substance abusers and will stay for 30-days. For these facilities, the fees can be on a sliding scale or for free.

Halfway homes, otherwise known as outpatient programs in Arizona are great for low-income or homeless families with no income. They offer programs for adolescents, women and men, for residential long-term treatment that offer beds for the client and their children. Half-way homes also offer short-term treatment, which is basically good for court ordered substance abusers who are dealing with DUI/DWI offences and helps them remain clean and sober and out of the jail system.

Full fledged drug treatment facilities that offer ‘In-Patient’ programs, which usually average 28 to 30 days, or sometimes 6 months to a year for free if the substance abuser qualifies, which will vary on each individual basis and if the drug treatment facility is privately, state or federally run.

All drug treatment facilities, whether it’s an ‘Out-Patient’, halfway home or an ‘In-Patient’ facility, offer their services for free, but they don’t advertise this to the general public. These facilities can offer drug treatment for free, because they apply for federal and state grants. These grants allow for these facilities to offer a certain amount of substance abusers to get drug treatment for free.


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JaniceMarch 9, 2010 at 6:46 pm

Its true, we do have a lot of free treatment centers here in Arizona. However, we also have a lot of top notch facilities that will work with their patients. Most people have some sort of insurance, but that insurance requires a large out of pocket expense, we work with those people and at times, will cover their out of pocket expense. This insures that the addict gets quality care and can recover.


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