It is hard to find actual data on the cases of drug users who went to prison that have been clean due to treatment in 2009, in the research one finds that maybe anything is possible. There has been many people who have been able to stop the addiction to whatever, and enjoy a much better life. It always takes support and a plan. Some of the best ways to change your life is to make a plan and stick to it. It seems the more you focus on the plan of what you can do and have the more you forget it about what you aren’t doing or getting.

The Partnership for a Drug Free America has many stories from people of all walks of life who had a battle with drug addiction and are willing to share it. They have been able to integrate back into everyday lives and cope with the stresses that life has to offer sometimes. They have a lot of support and have surrounded themselves with people who love them and encourage them to stay sober. There are lots of stories told by now sober adults who started their drug days in high school. There are so many things in life that one doesn’t always understand as a teenager. One of which is the was what one woman said when she admitted that she didn’t know how to deal with the loneliness that comes from just being a teenager and certainly one from a broken home.
There is a story of a 46 year old guy who got out of prison as a recovering addict who admits that the integration back into the sober real world has been really hard. If fact, he says it is the hardest thing he has ever done. It is interesting to him to be out of prison and not on some street filled with sirens, addicts, dealers, panhandlers, prostitutes, loud traffic noise and random screams in the middle of the night. He has worked his way out of sleeping in his van and shabby clothes to having a small wardrobe. He has a nice apartment and is able to add nice things to it. There are moments that help keep him on track and that is remembering what it was like to live in prison and how thankful he is to be away from the life. They do say that gratitude can cure any broken or angry heart.