Beer and Whiskey Bottles

Beer and Whiskey BottlesThough once seem as just another activity associated with the college experience, alcohol abuse on college campuses are linked with more frequently now with violence and other sadistic and illegal acts, including rape.  As a result, many colleges have taken another stance on alcohol.  They have made it completely illegal to possess on school territory.  While a step in the right direction towards making campuses safer, some students claim violation to their rights.  Such a claim has in its own way increased violence in the form of riots.   Residential drug treatment centers and other facilities specializing in treating substance abuse addictions are among those recognizing the growing problem

A drink now and again is not what campuses want to outlaw.  Rather they want to decrease  binge drinking.  Addiction treatment facilities have seen a rise in binge drinking among college age student and even younger.  Often those who binge drink become extremely violent and unstable to the point that school police officers have extreme difficulty in calming down those under the influence of a binge.   Campuses contend that binge drinking is not a right that can be defended, which is what they want to make illegal through making all alcohol illegal.

Campuses are aware  of how big a problem the abuse is becoming.  In a single semester, five campuses endured alcohol related violence.  Though alcohol related events tend to start out small, these intensified to full-blown riots for each of the separate campuses.
Alcohol abuse intervention is a good way for those who are friends and family of college students abusing alcohol to help them.  It can often aid in getting them to recognize some of the factors involved in their decision to drink excessively, including the fearlessness most in their formative years feel.

While a riot on a college campus is not a new thing, those brought on by alcohol are and becoming increasingly worse.  Many specializing in the area of psychology and social behavior studies feel these riots often have roots in the sense of rebellion against authority that occurred and originated in the early nineties.   Most of these riots happen because students want to rebel against authority, not because of say, a political cause.  The physicality of these riots is also alarming, since violence is used as an almost exclusive means of expression that students use.   Intervention and treatments are becoming increasingly necessary to help students and the campuses.



JaniceAugust 25, 2009 at 2:17 pm

We just discussed this last night in group. Everytime someone relapses, which is all to frequently, we have to go over what happened and devise tactics to defeat it next time. Sometimes that means re-visiting the basics and sometimes it gets a lot more complicated. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


JaniceAugust 25, 2009 at 2:17 pm

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