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The state of New Hampshire is located in the New England region of the U.S and is named after the county of Hampshire in England. It has strong affiliation with England and the largest city in the state is also named after a well-known English city, Manchester. Also known as the “Granite State” it boosts several granite formations and quarries. The state has some fantastic natural attractions including the White Mountain Region, Mount Washington and beautiful woods and meadowlands. Skiing and hiking are extremely popular among visitors to the state. Rich in history and natural beauty it is still unfortunately plagued by substance abuse. Statistics from 2005 indicate that 147 people died, with the direct cause being drugs. The level of crime is also increasing in this generally low crime state with drugs and alcohol being found as a factor in half of the sexual assault cases reported. The most abused drug in the state is marijuana accounting for 15% of rehab admission every year. Support is available and the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services work to support and develop community based programs that are affordable and user centered. The treatments on offer are also based on a sliding fee scale, which takes into account an individual’s ability to pay. Whether you require residential treatment, intensive outpatient care, detoxification or a support group New Hampshire has a huge range of options available to you.
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