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Addiction to Oxycontin

Addiction to Oxycontin

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Battling Against a Pill Addiction

Oxycontin is a prescription drug that is used for extreme pain. This is pain that is very serious; Oxycontin is normally seen as a last resort pain medication. It is used in patients who have cancer to curb pain and is usually used by prescription only and a doctor will closely monitor the patient. However, without a prescription Oxycontin is highly addictive and its use usually cannot be stopped without the help of addiction treatment.

It can be very difficult to get off of the drugs on your own. People find that they cannot deal with the withdrawal symptoms that come along with the stopping use of the substance.… Read the rest

Bill W. Movie Review

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I went to see the Movie Bill W yesterday and I am still moved by what is an excellent portrayal of this remarkable man.

Bill W. Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous

Using old footage and a mix of actors this documentary is very well made. It helped me understand this complex and very human man in a way I had never understood him before despite 15years in this program of AA.  The movie starts with Bill’s childhood and the fact that he was abandoned to live with his grandparents by both of his parents at a very early age.  This had a profound effect on him as it would on any child. … Read the rest

Alcohol Abuse in Women

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Woman in Glass Illustration

More and more research done by those in the medical and healthcare community show there are far greater dangers in drinking for women.  All females in every age bracket demonstrated in a recent study that brain damage is a high risk.  They might be subsuming the same amounts and types of alcohol and at in the same time periods, but the risk still remains.  As a result, alcohol abuse intervention has increased for women and not so much men.

Besides the risks associated with the usual dependence on alcohol, women must endure far greater consequences for their drinking habits no matter how mild they might be. … Read the rest

Schindler’s pissed…Liam Neeson drunk on Irish TV

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I love Liam Neeson but wonder what insanity made him appear on Irish televsion drunk. He sure looks good for somebody turning 60.

Bath Salts a legal killer drug

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It is hard to watch the news or access news online without some new information on the drug bath salts.  A search on Google for “bath salts drug” produces some pretty startling headlines. “Flesh Eating Zombies”, “Killer drug” “Call to make bath salts illegal”


So What is Bath Salts a lethal drug with a very innocent name seems to describe it very well.  This video describes the chemical side of the drug.

So should the drug be banned?. It may help stop its growth but sadly there is always somebody willing to try the “new high” they will obtain it illegally if that is what it takes. … Read the rest

Researching the link between substance abuse and African Americans

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meth, is it worth a shot

There are many roadblocks in the path of a substance abuser that wants to get better through treatment for drug addiction.  Among the different factors that comprise this path are cultural social ones.  For those coming from an underprivileged background or an alleged minority in the United States, such as the African American community, these factors can play an even greater role in rehab.  In constructing new ways to help the African American community, the healthcare providers of the world have begun to look at new techniques and treatments that specifically address the social and economic issues that pertain to them. … Read the rest

Deciding on an alcoholism recovery treatment center

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Recovery T-Shirt

Deciding on an alcoholism recovery treatment is difficult. But there are several things to consider when choosing one. How old is the person in need of treatment? You would not want a 19 year old to be in rehabilitation drug abuse treatment with people in the 50s. This is because 19 year olds have a different mind set and need to learn different skills than their older counterparts.

Drug addiction recovery and alcohol addiction recovery can easily be in the same rehab. Treating one addiction is not too different than treating another addiction. The detox part is different though and should be handled specifically to the substance of abuse.… Read the rest

The 13th Step

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We often hear people in AA talk about the 13th step.  The 12 steps of AA are a program of recovery and a blue print for living a happy, spiritual sober life.  Practiced on a daily basis they are a wonderful way of life which restores the heart, soul and lives of many alcoholics.  So what is the 13th step?  The 13th step was originally used by AA to describe our final step to the casket having lived a life of sobriety in the practice of the 12 steps.  As the program evolved it became the phrase used to describe the practice of dating newcomers in the program or dating members with less than solid sobriety. … Read the rest

Go to Rehab or lose your benefits

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The British government today announced a plan to force drug addicts and alcoholics into treatment or lose their benefits.  I had three brothers who lived in England who died from alcoholism, all three were on welfare for years before they died.  Perhaps if this approach had been taken a long time ago maybe even one of them might be alive today.  I see many people court ordered into AA who do not want to go but after a period of time actually get true sobriety and rebuild their lives.  Alcoholism is disease and although incurable it can be placed in complete remission and the alcoholic can live a happy and productive life for many years after they were at their bottom. … Read the rest

The warning signs of alcoholism

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When does casual drinking or drinking on the weekends become alcoholism? Alcoholism is a disease and can be very difficult to come to terms with. Something that starts out as some binge drinking in college can easily turn into alcoholism and affect your life negatively. Most people that do drink have abused alcohol. Whether you are using alcohol to binge drink or drinking to feel better about your life. However, there are some things that can indicate that your drinking has turned into alcoholism. For example, do you drink alone? If you are drinking alone and not in social situations it can be a tell tale sign that you may need addiction treatment.… Read the rest

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