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Addiction Treatment for Women Infected with HIV

Addiction Treatment for Women Infected with HIV

  Janice   7 comments
HIV Ribbon

How has alcohol and the abuse of other drugs affected HIV’s infection and spread?  Immensely, especially in regard to women.  Most women who are known drug or alcohol users or are known recovering addicts have contracted HIV.  Part of the problem stems from women who use intravenous drugs like heroin for their highs:  a number of 46% has been attributed to women who are intravenous drug users.  Another shocking figure comes in the form of women who are heterosexual but have had sexual contact with male intravenous drug uses.  18% of women become infected this way.

Treatment of HIV has come a long way since its first experimental inceptions. … Read the rest

New York I-Stop Law – Review

  Amy   20 comments

What is it and what are the benefits?

Addiction to narcotics is rising at an alarming rate and now out passes street drugs as a leading cause of death from addiction.  As laws regarding the use of illegal drugs have been amplified, the painkiller  addiction takes a new turn with the use of prescription drugs as the next “thing”.  For the most part this abuse is “legal”

Painkiller Abuse

 Painkillers are often commonly used drugs,   Painkiller Addiction is now a common problem due to their easy availability. OxyContin, Endocodone, Dazidox, Percocet and Percodan, are commonly prescribed by doctors to alleviate pain, all contain the substance oxycodone; an opioid narcotic which is quite similar to morphine.… Read the rest

Heroin Statistics – Scripps National Analysis

  Amy   25 comments
Heroin Use increases

The use of heroin – one of the deadliest drugs – has become rife in different communities of the whole country. Youths, all around the country, are becoming the victims of this lethal addiction. Cheap rate and the powerful effect of heroin has affected every aspect of drug abuse – drug overdoses, treatment admissions, and mortality rate. This is indeed an alarming state as the use of heroin has reached even those areas where the drug abuse was rare before.

Statistics of Drug Use
Several statistics have been conducted focusing on the condition of drug use in different states. According to statistics, heroin overdoses have increased by 25% from 2008 to 2009 in Ohio and the rate is gradually escalating. … Read the rest

Long Term Drug Rehab Needed for Teen Drug Abuse

  Janice   10 comments
Keep Off Grass

Teen drug abuse is starting to increase after several years of it slowly decreasing. The reason behind this, I think, is because so many teens are abusing over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Once this abuse begins, addiction quickly follows. The only way to help the addict is to get him or her into an addiction recovery program. A long term drug rehab program will help teach the person coping skills so that he or she is able to re-enter society and stay sober.

Often what happens is that a person with a drug or alcohol problem will only seek short term or outpatient care.… Read the rest

Faces of Meth

  dylan   9 comments

This picture has been around the web for some time but it never hurts to remind people just how ugly meth is as a drug. I have known several meth addicts who looked like this and its truly sad to see where this awful drug will take its victims.

Tough Love From Parents With Addicted Kids

  Amy   10 comments

Every parent’s nightmare teen drug addiction. We all want the best for our kids and we want them to succeed but that is not always the case as drug use and abuse continue to rise, especially among children. Drug-related fatalities are on the rise as well, as dangerous drugs are becoming easier to get. Parents of children with addiction often bail their kids out of any trouble they get into because of the addiction. This is not always the best strategy as children will start to believe that no matter what they do, they will always get bailed out by their parents.Tough love is the term used to describe any act of parenting which results in the child experiencing some kind of negative emotions as part of a learning process and it’s usually very hard for parents to employ.… Read the rest

What is Meth Mouth?

  Janice   3 comments
Meth Mouth

Meth mouth is when meth addicts lose their teeth more frequently and rapidly due to the abuse of the substance. This effect is not caused by the drug itself which is what is commonly thought. The drug does not have any corrosive effects. The American Dental Association thinks the condition is caused by a combination of dry mouth, poor oral hygiene, a high calorie diet, and teeth grinding and clenching. Similar, though far less severe symptoms have been reported in clinical use of other amphetamines, where effects are not exacerbated by a lack of oral hygiene for extended periods.

Meth stimulates the sympathetic nervous system,it causes a dop in the acid-fighting saliva and thirst. … Read the rest

Don’t Drink No Matter What!

  Amy   one comments

One of the phrases I often hear around AA is the phrase “don’t drink no matter what” .  This is a phrase which I feel is misused especially around the newcomers.  The often terrified newcomer is being told to not drink no matter what, at the same time as they are completely baffled and beaten by the fact that they always drank no matter what. If they were happy they drank, if they were sad they drank, if they got a new job they drank, if the lost a job they drank and on and on.  So how on earth do they now do the exact opposite as this phrase suggests. … Read the rest

Drug and Alcohol Use Spikes in Summer

  Janice   one comments
Summer Drinking

Members of the Kalamazoo County Substance Abuse Task Force in Portage, MI have created an extensive advertising campaign to try and keep teens from abusing drugs and alcohol in the upcoming summer months. Teen drug and alcohol use tends to rise during the summer months and they are hoping that this campaign will have a positive effect on the people in Kalamazoo County.

During a 12-week period this summer, messages will be put on billboards, the Kalamazoo County Substance Abuse Task Force Web site and on posters asking a different question mostly of parents. The questions will range from “Do you know where your kids are?” to “Is the driver sober?… Read the rest

12 Step Survival Guide to Family Events

  Amy   one comments

When our family of origin is a dysfunctional alcoholic family (and let’s face it that is usually the case) spending time with our family as recovering alcoholics can be a scary proposition.  The family of origin issues can be some of the most difficult we have had to deal with in our own recovery and returning to the family — especially if you are the only member in recovery — can create extreme anxiety.  We love our families and it is natural to want to spend time with them, but if it is going to have a negative impact on our own recovery then it may be best to not show up especially if you are in early sobriety.… Read the rest

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