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Welcome to Drug Rehab Comparison, a free addiction treatment site offering a list of treatment facilities and a wealth of resources on recovery and addiction.The decision to seek help for addiction and entering a treatment center is life altering and one that can ultimately save your life. The wide wide range of of treatment options and facilities offering services for drug and alcohol addiction is overwhelming at a time of often severe stress. Our site seeks to help you gather the necessary information to make an informed decision about treatment. There are many treatment options available - inpatient, extended care, residential, outpatient, etc. When choosing a facility consider your options carefully. When you are comparing them make a list of the drug rehab centers that you may consider – based on location, treatment specialties, etc. Then contact them in turn. Develop a list of facts you want to gather for each of them and the questions you want to ask. Visit our resources designed to provide you with vital information to help you make an informed decision that is right for you, the substance you are addicted to, your personal circumstances your family and your budget.. - so where do you start with making a choice. Let us Help! (866) 426-7444.

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Choosing a Treatment Facility

Choosing a Treatment Facility can be a life changing decision.  Do your research.  You may not get to do it over.

Funding treatment

Funding Addiction Treatment

Before you choose a drug rehab facility you will need to understand the costs and what you can afford.

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Staging an Intervention

Worried about a loved ones drug and alcohol use? Consider an intervention

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Do you need Detox?

Quitting drinking without medical care can be life threatening.  Understand the importance of detox

Addiction Treatment Resources and Research

We aim to provide information based on life experience with addiction our writers and staff all have experience with addiction in several capacities. We are not doctors nor do we endorse any treatment facility listed on our site. We have walked the walk and hope that you may join us to change your life. We are also advocates of the 12 steps. This may not be right for everybody but it has worked for us to maintain quality sobriety after leaving treatment..


Cirrhosis of the Liver…The Reality for Alcoholics

Being the second largest organ in our bodies, our liver is hugely important to us. Not only does it convert food and drink into nutrients and energy it also removes harmful substances from your blood. The liver is remarkable in the fact that it can repair itself when damaged, however prolonged alcohol abuse can irreversibly damage your liver in the form of cirrhosis. Alcohol can damage and destroy liver cells. Your liver has the ability to remove alcohol from your system but if too much is consumed your liver loses this ability and the following conditions can arise.
There are three main types of alcohol-related liver disease: fatty liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, and alcoholic cirrhosis.… Read the rest

Sobriety versus Emotional Sobriety

“Emotions refer to a state of feeling  that arises in relation to something happening. An emotion may involve a number of different feelings. A good example of this would be the emotion of love which is made up of the feelings joy and trust .”

Generally the main aim of an addict is either to get drunk or get sober.  The majority if not all individuals do not want to be an addict; it is destructive illness, destroys lives, relationships and prospects for the future.  The biggest mistake that can be made is to assume that getting sober is the only hurdle to be overcome. … Read the rest

Do You Need Detox?

Detoxification is essentially the removal of toxins or poisons from a person’s body.  In more detail it refers to a process of eliminating a substance from your system- ideally with the aid of medical substitutes to assist with the process and to ease withdrawals. The ultimate aim is that you are substance free, clean and your body is free of all chemicals form the substance.  Alcohol detox is an extremely severe process on the human body and it is not advised that you undergo detox without consulting a doctor and taking the necessary medication.  Without this medication, alcohol detox can be fatal.… Read the rest


Take this simple 26 question test from NCADD.  If you think you may have a problem seek help. Alcoholism is a serious illness which leads to death and shattered lives.

Am I Alcoholic Self Test?

Read the rest

Family members are frequently the ones who try to initiate treatment for substance abuse and they are also the ones who are most affected by the addict’s behavior at both an emotional and frequently financial level. Many of these family members have been lied to, disappointed and even stolen from by the addict and they are usually at their wits end when they try and persuade the addict to seek treatment. One of their frequently asked questions is how to get the addict committed to a drug rehabilitation center if they don’t want to go. That’s an excellent question and unfortunately the answer is not encouraging.… Read the rest

A new report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) demonstrates a significant decline in the level of current under-age alcohol consumption, as well as a drop in under-age binge drinking.  Figures in the report show a decrease of 28.8% in 2002 down to 22.7% in 2013 among those aged between 12-20 years.  Despite an obvious reduction in the figures, alcohol remains the most widely used and abused substance among 12-20 year olds, with 22.7% consuming alcohol compared to 16.9% using tobacco and even lower 13.6% using illicit drugs.  A culture of binge drinking is also evident; despite a reduction from 19.3% in 2002 to 14.2% in 2013 this is alarming as by definition binge drinking is having five or more drinks on the same occasion. … Read the rest

Before beginning this blog I wondered if a process as complex as recovery could actually be adequately and safely supported by social media. As I researched this topic I was surprised at how beneficial and utilized this method of support actually is. As we know social media is a huge world-wide phenomenon and it is used in many ways, so why not use it to support recovery. The question is does it work and how?

There is a wide array of online communities and social networks available to recovering addicts. There are also pros and cons to individuals in recovery using social media as a means of support.… Read the rest

One of the major concerns with drug and alcohol treatment centers is their overall effectiveness. Another major concern is whether or not your loved one who is suffering from an addiction will actually enter and remain in the chosen treatment facility. And finally, one of the other top concerns with residential substance abuse treatment programs is how much does drug rehab cost and how you are going to pay for it. This is a particularly concerning question in times of great economic setbacks when budgets for particular treatment centers are likely to suffer cuts or be eliminated all together and questions of insurance coverage are difficult to answer.… Read the rest


There is an undeniable association between sexual abuse and addiction. It could even be referred to as a vicious circle. Sexual abuse victims can often be vulnerable to addictive behavior due to the mental and emotional turmoil that they have endured. On the other hand individuals who are addicted to either drugs or alcohol can leave themselves vulnerable to sexual abuse and assault. Studies show that more than three quarters of those suffering with addiction have encountered traumatic events in the past; many of these individuals also demonstrate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The silence of fear

In order to understand the correlation between the two it is important to look at each of the elements separately and understand them as individual issues.… Read the rest

Even Bill W. — one of the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 — doesn’t quite know the origins of the twelve steps, used so prominently in many rehab treatment programs for both drug and alcohol recovery, but he does recall a conversation with an alcoholic friend in 1934, who told him that his path to getting sober required him to be honest with himself and others, to make restitution for any damage he had done, and to pray to God for guidance even though the friend wasn’t sure God existed. This is one of the starting points for the creation of the Twelve Steps, which many use to help them combat their own addictions, from alcohol to narcotics.… Read the rest

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